Chelmsford Art Gallery

The aim of the Chelmsford Gallery project was to keep the architectural language as simple and understandable for a wider public (even conceptual to a degree) as possible while adding an asymmetrical twist on a cubical form by window metre used on the façade facing the river.

Particular attention was paid at the building ventilation. Fully natural ventilation is restricted by the gas works located nearby even though all the main roads are not visible from the site. Therefore, filters are required in order to comply with air quality requirements.

Art gallery is, probably, one of the most enjoyable building types to design due to the freedom in creativity, architectural shape, language, expression, etc.

Chelmsford art gallery provides 3 gallery spaces, a temporary exhibition space and sculpture court as well as an educational workshop and public amenity facilities including shop and cafeteria.
The architecture have a sense of place and purpose within the context of the landscape in which the site resides providing a relationship to society. The proposed scheme will address the design of the building on levels of functionality, environmental sustainability and technicality to produce a responsible architectural solution.


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