Chelmsford Theatre

Theatres are the actor’s world and they were built in order to create a place where actors can express themselves such as the architects which use the building and creating new ideas as a form of expression.

The aim of the Chelmsford Theatre project was to keep the architecture simple and easy to understand for everyone but in a symbiosis with the creative meaning of the place. Using the south entrance as a main one was to express the open invite of the visitors to come and enjoy the architecture and its facilities.


Particular attention was paid at the building natural and artificial light. The accent was on combining the natural light by using curtain walls allowing the sun to come in during the day with the artificial light for a spectacular effect during the night.


Theatre is one of the most pleasant but challenging building type due to the design allowing the freedom in creativity as well as the numerous architectural shapes but combined with rules of building the theatre such as good acoustics, the right placement and size of the stage, the right placement of the seats to offer quality view angle.


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